Willie Taylor, A1 & Max Lux Give Marriage Advice | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

Willie Taylor, A1 & Max Lux Give Marriage Advice | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

The men of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood give advice for a successful marriage.

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the best advice I could give people about maintaining your marriage is make sure you know your partner before you get married for that way when you get married you don’t feel like you know it’s something you can’t deal with somebody who’s respectful of somebody who’s trustworthy somebody loving somebody who’s funny as hell like to go have fun and and not like put me through drama loyalty and honesty because you want to know whatever you go through that you’re gonna be able to have a bond and an understanding with that person she gotta be able to cook hands down I’ve gotta be am I never gonna have a wife that can’t cook this is not happening I knew I was ready to get married because you know we have such a good foundation and I knew we had each other’s back you know so it didn’t matter how young we were how old we were it was just about the fact that we were a team the cutest an American reality TV is get yo ass off of it you..

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  1. All these unfaithful mofos giving mariage advice SMH the first one is to be faithful, y’all FAIL so hard. Get the hell out of my face with all this LMAO


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