Why Does My Husband Avoid Looking At Me?

Could be lots of reasons.

Maybe you rejected him and he’s feeling rejected.

Could be guilty conscience: is he having an affair or thinking about having one?

Has he been gambling and lost your life savings?

Taking drugs or drinking and endangering your lives?

Does he have low self esteem and/or depression?

Has he lost his job? Been made redundant?

Has he been taking his medication?

Communication is key in any relationship questioner.

You’d better stand in front of him, make eye contact and ask him what’s up.

Courage: soonest delt with, soonest over and done with.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Marriage Advice.

Why He Doesn’T Make Eye Contact With You

If you prefer to read:

he doesn’t make eye contact with you because quite frankly he is shy okay but you also have to understand that he could also be feeling intimidated to some degree by you you could be feeling like you’re so attractive or you’re so popular or your personality is so Wow then he doesn’t really deserve to look at you oh he doesn’t really feel like he’s on the same level as you so he doesn’t want to make eye contact with you he’s seen you okay he’s seen you just didn’t see him when he saw you okay and then when you’re looking at him and you wonder why he will make eye contact you wondered why has it why isn’t he looking at me he’s he’s seen you he just doesn’t make eye contact because he’s either he’s shy or he feels like he’s not up to your level alright that’s why he’s doing that so one of the things you can do is make him feel like he shouldn’t be worried about that okay..

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Comment (19)

  1. in my case : i used to avoid completely look’ng right in th eyes ! but nowdays i completely stare at her ! so i think it depends on his personality : he ll completely avoid u , or he ll completely gaze at u 😉

  2. the guy I like suddenly changed behavior with me he never looks me in the eye when we talk, he looks around at everything at the table at my phone but not my face and doesn’t talk much, he kept his voice low while asking me questions. Normally he smiles a LOT when we sit together and looks at me and have great conversations…he keeps complimenting my intelligence and skills.. I really thought last time something was wrong with my face or maybe I’ve done something wrong, I felt unwanted it affected my self esteem.. I’m not sure I can approach him again because I’m shy and I might feel unwanted again.. I miss his lively self with me, and the way he laughs and smiles.. I just hope he’s alright and nothing’s troubling him. I couldn’t ask what’s wrong with him cause that’s not his normal self.. but he talked normally to other people who approached him that day I could hear his loud voice from a distance… I’m sad

  3. It’s true. So damn true.

    Either that, or he REALLY doesn’t want to do anything with you.
    (For whatever reason)

    Look at the other signs!

  4. There is this boy, who used to look at me a lot and smile, but now he doesn’t look at me at all even while talking, I don’t know what’s going on

  5. I’m here cause thought this was about how to not make eye contact with anybody cause dats what I’m into doing I don’t need my to see you I can hear you just by listening simple has nothing to do with dating etc none of dat just wanna learn not to look at the person

  6. Why would a crush avoid eye contact with a girl when in a big group of people even if she talks he would look everywhere but at her ?

  7. Yeah but he stairs at me a lot from far away and walks past me so I know he’s there but won’t look at me like wtf. I like him too but it’s so awkward.

  8. my crush and i have only stared and nothing else. but now as soon as he looks at me, he smiles, but he immediately looks down with that lovely smile of his. i know i make him nervous. im so into him, too much. too bad hes so shy to approach me, if hes even thought about it. im just sad because hes my type and hes too shy. other guys can approach me, but not this one and it saddens me bec im so attracted to him more than the others. :((( also, how can he feel not to my level? im an intern and he has a good position where we work at. hes young around 30 it seems. hes all i think about….i feel so sad

  9. Naww thats too general dawg. Im engaged i cant eyeball every chick who looks at me. That shit will lead them on as if im interested, which im not. Safer bet is to go full tunnel vision with extreme prejudice

  10. When I’m like walking in the hallway at school I see him and he looks at me then doesn’t look at me and doesn’t smile and I get rlly confused cause idk if he likes me or not


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