Why Did I Just Get A Call From My Boyfriends Wife He Said He Was Not Married?

Easy peasy, call her back ask to meet her for lunch, your treat. Then ask where they got married ( marriages are a matter of public record), or ask he to bring her marriage certificate and wedding pictures. Then you can find out if it was a wife or another girlfriend who called. Either way it seems like your guy is a slimy person. Want real ructions? Take your boyfriend out for a nice meal and invite the wife to show up as well. Then watch his face and you will know.

Believe it or not married men have been known to lie to girlfriends as well as well as wives.

I would make friends with the wife, it seems you both know a slimy slimy person.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Marriage Advice.

Girl Finds Out Boyfriend Is Married On Radio 93.7 “The Edge”

If you prefer text

33 478 it’s the best of anti 7 93.7 the edge losses my name is Kim okay what how old are you Kim 25 all right and where are you coming from why set up all right cool this is he loves me he loves me not I don’t know if you heard this a few weeks ago deal a boyfriend or a husband I have a boyfriend all right how long have you been going out with him um just about a year now okay and you suppose he loves you I know he loves me oh really why how do you know oh special little love notes are sending me flowers or just a special time that we’re able to spend together right what’s your boyfriend’s name Greg and where does he live Duluth oh yeah yeah well have you see him we typically see each other every weekend oh because he’s in Duluth and I’m in white that it makes it a little hard to see each other during the week okay Amy our quality time so you have absolutely no reason to suspect he might be messing around on you no none well then this is going to be boring um but but we’ll humor you okay okay we’ll give him a call and see what happens please don’t say anything else okay Kim I’ll do all the talking okay hello hi is Greg there yeah this is Greg how you doing my name is Andy sandwich I’m calling from the edge radio in Minneapolis st. Paul how are things in Duluth a little frigid you do for it well I guess I don’t know do you get to Minneapolis and st. Paul often or what every weekend I’m done a business yeah because we pulled your business card out of a fishbowl at a local merchants and every month we give away a dozen roses too huh great great anybody and well you’re the winner this month target elation the deal is you don’t have to do anything I know you’re far away we deliver the roses for you and we’ll even but whatever you want on a nice little card to go along with the roses all we need from you is a name and an address of somebody you want to deliver to okay yeah my wife Cindy like okay who’s Indy oh geez your wife Cindy ah your wife Cindy would you wait Gregg Kim’s on the line I kill oh hi Greg um would would you mind explaining this to me your wife Cindy how long have you been married host I was kidding who’s kidding kidding kidding my ass you’re such a dick you son of a..

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Comment (7)

  1. This one was real. After this one aired, there were a ton of copycats that happened afterwards on other stations. The station did get into trouble for this, not only because of the trapping of the husband (his wife went after the station, can you believe it?), but because the call was actually longer and the guy dropped a couple of F-bombs and got irate before the manager cut him off.

  2. Considering there’s a link in the description pointing out that this is indeed true… well, despite that, I can forgive the fact that people think this was faked. I can let that go that they think it’s possible.

    What I don’t think is acceptable is that everybody here thinks more about that or making fun of the girl in question. Greg was very much of a dick, she was right.

  3. I feel bad for women like this

    She seemed so nice man

    Man I would never do this EVER

    I know how it feels and it’s the worst

    I hope she’s happen with someone else that won’t do this to her man

    So far I never done this to anyone I don’t lie
    I’m loyal and honest

    Sometimes I wish people could see that this was wrong

  4. Man I remember the day when this aired on radio, I was just crossing the old 35W bridge going south and no joke when it happened the guy in my car next me starting laughing about something (guessing this) rear ends the car in front of him


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