When My Husband Comes Home He Notices Nothing How Can I Get His Attention?

The first thing you have to do is to remove your attention/ focus from how to catch your husband’s attention, to how to make yourself the totally awesome person you are. Once you become that, hopefully your husband will give you all the attention.

The problem with us humans is we think we can make somebody do something according to what we think. No, we can’t. The only thing we can do is to change our attitude and perspective, so that the other person is forced to acknowledge our changed attitude and perspective.

Here your attention is too much focused on getting your husband’s attention. According to Spiritual law, ‘Whatever we focus our attention on grows in our life’. So here your focus is making it grow in your life.

Instead take that focus and totally refocus it on to bringing yourself up, whether in knowledge, attitude, career or personality. Once you grow totally into who you truly are, if he truly wants to give you his attention, he will. Otherwise, just leave it.

But that way, you have you, the truly best friend and the awesome person you can get. Also you are focusing your energy on yourself, to bring yourself up, than wasting on things, that are not working.

So become the totally awesome your Self. Leave everything else to happen.

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How To Make Your Man Pay Attention To You – 7 Tips

How To Make Him Notice You 7 Tips

A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be himself to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love himself, to love being loved. Such a relationship is based upon freedom and can never grow in a jealous heart LEO BUSCAGLIA

Have you ever bought a new outfit and worn it to an event, only to have no one really notice it? No one comments: Hey, thats a nice dress! or you just dont get the looks you want?

Or maybe youve been dating a guy for a while and you feel like hes paying attention to everyone else but you.

These disappointments are difficult, especially if youve built up a story about it in your head, and now youre working to get those expectations fulfilled. Its strange because you might even feel like the world kind of … owes you this recognition, yeah?

Look, getting ignored sucks…

But we are ignored by almost everyone all the time, so why should we care at all if were not getting noticed?

Well, when it comes to people we value, we want to feel valued back.

We want them to recognize our value. And nothing makes you feel valued like having the person you adore give you his attention.

So right now I want to take a few minutes to show you how you can get a man to really NOTICE you…

But first as I like to do Im going to give you a few cautionary words to help you avoid the big mistakes

MISTAKE 1 You wont get him to notice you by using a gun

Ive been in a few relationships where the woman was unfortunately a bit too insecure. And then she proceeded to make it my fault she wasnt getting the attention she needed.

Of course, she didnt really need attention, she needed to find out why she was always feeling so insecure.

So I was the one that ended up being blamed. Shed try to force me at emotional gunpoint to notice her, but that only made me resentful and unhappy. So I left.

Dont make that mistake. You wont get his attention by force.

MISTAKE 2 You wont get him to notice you by trying to impress him…

What you need to do is LET HIM IMPRESS YOU…

Too many women are eager to start sharing the other people in their life with him before letting him feel like hes really got your attention.

Once you let a guy think youre impressed by him, you just lean back and let him step back up to the plate and start earning your attention.

Youd be surprised how effective this is, especially because guys need to know theyre desired, too.

Okay, now lets dig into the 7 tips to get his attention:

Get Him To Pay Attention To You Tip 1: Beam The Positive…

Men are instinctively drawn to bubbly, fun people. Especially women…

In fact, a lot of women resent this kind of attitude in a woman, thinking that it demonstrates a kind of dull mind. Why does he like that bimbo? she thinks.

Well, its not the bimbo part of her he finds alluring… Its the relaxed, fun-loving part. Its the care-free part.

Alan Watts, the great philosopher, said that there are two kinds of people: Prickly and Gooey.

Prickly people are logical and critical and skeptical…

Gooey people are emotional and soft and gullible…

We need a bit of both in us, but the fun side will come out with your Gooey side more than the Prickly.

Get Him To Notice You Tip 2: Let Your Body Sing…

Men are very attracted to women who exude their personality through their body.

When you are relaxed and free in your body, you will come across with …

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How to make your man pay attention to you


hey welcome back this is Carlos Cavallo from dating advice guru. com your friendly neighborhood dating advice and relationship advisor today we’re gonna talk about how to get him to notice you 7 tips I’m sure you probably bought a new outfit or you’ve got some new piece of jewelry and you’ve worn it out to an event only to have nobody really notice it no one comments hey that’s really awesome or you just don’t get the the looks or the interest that you want maybe even dating a guy for a while and you feel like he’s paying attention to everybody else but you these things are disappointments and they’re difficult to work through especially if you’ve built up a little story in your head about getting that attention when it comes to people we value we want to feel valued back well that’s what I’m going to help you do today let’s jump in right away with though with the first mistake you’re not going to get attention from a guy you’re not gonna get him to notice you by using a gun I’ve been in a few relationships where the woman was unfortunately a little too insecure and then she made up my fault she wasn’t getting the attention she needed and then she put the pressure on that doesn’t work don’t make that mistake you won’t get his attention by force mistake number two is you won’t get them to notice you by trying to impress him what you need to do is let him impress you it’s a big difference in something I’m going to talk about here too many women are eager to start sharing the other people in their life with him before they let him feel like he’s really got your attention that’s what he’s got a feel once you let a guy think you’re impressed by him you just lean back and let him step up to the plate he’ll earn your attention after that ok let’s jump in with get him to pay attention to you tip number one beam the positive men are instinctively drawn to bubbly fun people especially women in fact a lot of women misunderstand the giggly fun kind of woman and thinks she’s just a bimbo while the reaction that he’s giving is he’s and he finds her alluring because she’s relaxed and fun loving it’s that carefree part of her it’s not that she’s dumb we all need a little bit of both in us when it comes to being smart and that’s the part that he’s finding most attractive not the dumb part get them to notice you tip number two let your body sing men are very attracted to and who exude their personality through their body and the way they move when you’re relaxed and you’re free in your body you will come across with a level of confidence and attractiveness that what your man will have to pay attention to work on letting your body express itself more naturally if you feel restrained or tight take some dance classes take some yoga it will help you get them to see you tip number three don’t be a ho women are very critical of other women who beg for attention or work too hard to get attention men in fact guys have a term for this kind of woman attention whore no it’s not a pretty term but it sums up the situation really well yeah this is the kind of woman that most other women roll their eyes at because well you kind of remember being a teenager once right being a little low self esteem but sadly some women never grow up you don’t want to look like you’re begging for him to see you if you have to do that you’re only lowering your value in his eyes make your man notice you tip number four show them the spark a lot of women think that men are looking for a woman of lesser intelligence mostly because everybody knows that guys are threatened by smart women right that’s BS and I’m hoping you know it is already but you might not all the stereotypes of men make us look like we’re scared and intimidated by any woman that challenges us and that’s completely wrong the messy truth is that if he’s the kind of guy you want and the kind of guy you’d marry he won’t back down from a woman who’s smart and fun if you’d dumb yourself down first though you’ll never know what kind of man you could have had how did it get him noticed you tip number five get a little aggro this one falls in line with the last tip a little bit and that you want him to hit you want to hit him with a little bit of your energy demure and shy is nice but a man will really take notice of a one who dares to go out on a limb a little bit and get aggressive if you try to be too nice early on or even later on you risk not leaving him with well basically your face floating in his thoughts a man has to have that emotional image in his brain to tell him who to pay attention to it tells them which woman he’s obsessed with alright get them to notice you tip number six diva up it’s commonly held that divas are not popular in any social circle but the beauty of being a diva for your it’s only temporary because every so often you deserve to be treated like a star and if you don’t demand it every once in a while your man might assume that you don’t have the self esteem to stand up for yourself or to make yourself a priority you’d be surprised how few women are really willing to be feminine in this confusing age of gender normalization remember feminine does not equal high maintenance nor does it equate to politically correct and let’s be brutally honest here men don’t stay with women that can’t make them feel like men remember you’re gonna do the diva up thing to remind him of the reward he gets if he steps up to devote himself to you he has to know there’s a reward for committing to you all right make your man pay attention to you tip number seven pays dues look I’ll tell you up front that if you’re trying to get a man to notice you and pay attention to you and you’re not doing anything to notice him back you’re gonna have a tough time getting that attention from him so I’m talking about here is paying your dues of love to him without the expectations in return or that you’re going to get a return and if you find that he has no love to give you then you simply move on to a relationship where he does have a full tank to give to you but don’t hold love hostage another great quote from liova Scalia says what love were given will have forever what love we fail to give is lost for all eternity it’s tempting to hold our love hostage and not give it away when we’re feeling like we’re not getting the love from them but you can’t let yourself become a love miser or a love Scrooge love is free it costs nothing to give it away you have an endless supply of it and yet we constantly hold back the irony of love is the more you give the more you get the less you give the hungrier you go to bed at night and if you want to know the secrets more secrets to getting a man to unlock his love for you stay on my channel look around I’ve got a ton of videos here for you you’re gonna see one clicking up below click on it go check it out and of course do the big three make sure you subscribe so you can get these every week remember to like this video I thought it was pretty good and number three leave your comments and questions below politely please this is Carlos Cavallo from dating advice third come Aloise live and love with passion ..

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