What Are Some Ways To Make My Marriage Last For At Least The Next 20 Years?

Keep ‘dating’ her. Talk openly and honestly with the intent of respecting each other and honoring the trust you’ve been given. Make sure to set aside ‘adult’ time each day to unwind, talk about the day you’ve both had and to discuss any concerns that have come up. And most importantly, keep dating her. Oh! […]

Will I Get In Trouble For Mailing My Ex Husbands Current Wife All The Messages He Sends Me?

Get in trouble… like how? Legally, no there is nothing illegal about it. If you mean get in trouble with either your ex or his current wife, yeah probably. Either your ex hubby will be upset at what you are doing, or the new wife will be upset you are still in her hubby’s life. […]

How Do You Prevent A Marriage That Should Not Happen?

A close friend of mine started dating this man about a year ago and I was happy for her at first because it’s been a while since she has been in a long-term, seemingly pleasant relationship. The first red flag I’ve noticed was when we were all at dinner together and her boyfriend left the […]

How Do I Help A Husband Come Out Of An Emotional Affair With Another Woman?

If your husband is in an emotional affair with another woman, it tells me that he is clearly unable to connect emotionally with you. So figure out, why he is not able to connect emotionally with you: Are you not talking nicely with him? Are you not caring him? Are you not behaving nicely with […]

How Do You Choose Between Boyfriend And Loyal Husband?

I actually don’t agree with married people having affairs. Marriage deserves to be treated as sacred (special and exclusive.) Why would you disrespect a loyal husband? Are you still in love with him and is it just sex with the other guy? If you choose your ‘boyfriend’ make sure he has the qualities your husband […]

Why Does My Husband Keep Comparing Me Physically To His Ex Girlfriends?

Are the comparisons positive for you, or negative? If negative, he is either very stupid or very mean. If positive, he is perhaps trying to give you compliments or otherwise trying to boost your feelings about how much he prefers being with you. In any case, even with good intentions, it is (IMO) a rather […]

How Do I Get Away From A Marriage Im 23 And Dont Want To Marry Till 26?

Thanks for R2A, Well i am 30 and about to 31 but still unmarried. Its your own choice. Its not because i am a guy and my family is not forcing me. They do but its my decision not to get married. So you should be strong in your decision. Sometime you have to speak […]

Do You Believe In Marriage Or Do You Intend To Get Married Someday?

Yes, I do believe in marriage and I do intend to get married one day. I don’t have anyone in my life currently that I want to be married to, nor I ever thought of marrying the men I have been in relationships in the past. I am not waiting for “the right” one or […]

What Advice Can You Give Me To Get A Good Wife Through The Internet?

A2A I could give you advice on how to begin and grow a relationship through the internet, but finding a spouse is all together different. A spouse is someone who chooses you above all others for the rest of their life. That’s not quite something we can put an ad out for. They’d be choosing […]

Why Cant I End My Marriage?

In each and every religion of the world you can end your marriage but the question is why you want to do that ? There are many reasons which would deny your decision and so are the reasons supporting your decision but I suggest you to don’t take such a big decision in hastened atmosphere. […]