How Best Should I Handle The Relationship Between My Mother And My Husband?

You have to handle this situation very sensitively. The first thing to remember is that your mother is just a mother-in-law to your husband. Just as you cannot accept his mother as your own, he too cannot accept your mother as his own. Don’t force your mother on him. He is in fact more adjustable […]

What Is The Best Way To Treat A Narcissistic Wife?

The key here is to ask yourself some difficult questions about the quality of the relationship with your wife and make some distinctions. Is your narcissistic wife abusive? Does she have some narcissistic traits? Then turn inwards with honesty and answer these questions without justifying and/or making excuses for the actions and behaviors of your […]

Why Does My Husband Avoid Looking At Me?

Could be lots of reasons. Maybe you rejected him and he’s feeling rejected. Could be guilty conscience: is he having an affair or thinking about having one? Has he been gambling and lost your life savings? Taking drugs or drinking and endangering your lives? Does he have low self esteem and/or depression? Has he lost […]

How Can I Convince My Wife That I Am Always Right?

How can I convince my wife that I am always right? I don’t think that’s going to work if you’re married to one of those so-called irritating intelligent women which it seems you are. Thus options available to the perfect man who is never wrong to prove himself right every time! You could move to […]

How Do I Make My Husband Happy?

Make him feel important. Ask his opinion (not his approval). Even if you don’t like what he thinks, let him know that his opinion was important to get a better perspective. Be attentive to his needs. Not like you are his servant, but more like you are his friend and want to make him feel […]

Why Did I Just Get A Call From My Boyfriends Wife He Said He Was Not Married?

Easy peasy, call her back ask to meet her for lunch, your treat. Then ask where they got married ( marriages are a matter of public record), or ask he to bring her marriage certificate and wedding pictures. Then you can find out if it was a wife or another girlfriend who called. Either way […]

How Can I Get My Husband To Stop Calling Me Bad Names And Putting Me Down?

The reason your husband is putting you down is to make himself feel better, let him know you will not tolerate him treating you in such a horrible way. Give him an ultimatum, he stops , or you’ll leave. By staying with him it sends the wrong message, he thinks he can say and do […]

How Can A 36 Year Old Woman Enjoy Marriage With A 55 Year Old Man?

At what point is the age difference important.. I have to ask why ? Is this a daddy replacement, a easy ride, with lots of benefits. are you a jewel on the arm, a prize possession ? What in common do a couple that are two generations different. Now on the other hand love/true love/ […]

When My Husband Comes Home He Notices Nothing How Can I Get His Attention?

Below is my personal suggestion and you may choose to ignore it if it doesn’t suites you. If you choose to take my suggestion, kindly read till end before you make any move. Well you say your significant other doesn’t pay attention towards anything related to household then that’s really bad. I must say it […]

Who Is Supposed To Go To Bed First Between Husband And Wife?

I suppose whoever reaches the bed first, right? I mean, is getting to bed some kind of race? Are the two of you THAT competitive? Or is this about power and domination-basically, you telling your partner that they cant go to bed until you do? The first scenario is odd but at least you’re getting […]