Stop Divorce – How Can I Stop The Divorce?

Stop Divorce – How Can I Stop The Divorce?

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this question comes from Joe and he asked how can I stop the divorce now he doesn’t give us a lot more information than that but there’s lots of people out there that need that want to know how to save their marriage so can you help them Wow yeah that is kind of a general question I get your point um well first off it is sort of a checked out partner issue right it’s meaning one partner has checked out of the marriage one partner has even filed for papers that sound filed papers it sounds like it is and it’s moving on so part of what I would recommend is is that they look into the checked out partner series that we have and because in that in that series we talked about how the grass isn’t always greener and how that’s gonna affect your kids and what that’s going to do to your finances and that any marriage can be saved and that it’s normal to fall in and out of love there’s all of those pieces and all that information that the person who’s considering leaving needs to know because so many people get divorced and then just think what did I do I wish I’d stayed I wish I’d worked on the marriage I wish I’d given it one more try or learned something or gone to somebody to figure out a way to make it work because life dramatically changes and it’s I you know everyone smile run into somebody that’s happier but for the most part lots of people really regret that decision so unfortunately it’s getting that information to her and oddly enough it doesn’t seem very effective coming from the person that’s being left all right they don’t necessarily believe them they just sort of write them off they so they need you know getting that information from an outside source getting it again there’s great books there’s our product checked out partner there’s even going you know to a counselor if they’re good and you trust them and you if they’ve got a great reputation just getting that information to them would be would be vitally important if in fact she’s just thinking about divorce and hasn’t actually filed or you know she’s just mentioning the D word as it were um I would recommend that he start listening to what it is she was unhappy about in the marriage and fixing it what is it that she was what she walking away from what’s she not feeling what’s she not getting he can make some dramatic changes still and honestly he needs to make those changes anyway because whatever it is was his part in leading to the divorce he needs to work on in his life they need to work on it for his next relationship if that’s the case so I would really start paying attention and to being the man who that he knows he’s supposed to be being the husband he’s supposed to be again and honestly I gotta say I to many people over the years who have gotten divorced and gotten back together right right so I did the same thing it’s not devastating that it is devastating to go through but it’s not necessarily the end believe a lot lots of couples kind of get divorced me realize whoops okay I don’t want to do that land up remarried again so right again he still needs to be working on whatever it is she was complaining about it there’s the first Marie Osmond or something and she yes right there first has from years or yes she did as well so it’s you know it’s not uncommon so it’s not necessarily even over at that point so I would really just work on himself as a man and a husband maybe a father and and do the way you can and then also try and get her that information about the reality of what it’s like when we get divorced cuz it’s not it’s not greener over there right yeah wonderful thank you so much sure if you’d like your question answered please ask it in the comment box below because this is a regular series and we want to help as many people as we can and if you like even more powerful free relationship advice from dr. Dana click on the link below the video thanks so much for watching talk to you soon thank you so much for watching to get more free marriage help from dr. Dana please check out our website at www. engvid. com marriage now calm here are links to even more marriage saving videos for you click on any of these images on the video to check them out thanks again for watching..

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