Relationship/Marriage Advice Pt2

Relationship/Marriage Advice Pt2

Hey guys, were back with another video ! Here are some questions everyone asks about marriage and relationships! Be sure to like subscribe and comment


hey everybody welcome back to my channel this video will be featuring my husband side items I always going to a marriage that relationship counseling video a long time ago and I forgot so well actually yeah okay so this video will just be us answering more questions about marriage about relationships about whatever life and how to deal with people or problems and okay and disclaimer this is just the way we work our opinions how we view stuff this does not have to work for everybody so just putting it up there okay so the first question is should you wait to you’re financially stable to get married but you first well you don’t have to steal my answer okay well my answer is it all depends on you I feel like if you know what you want in life and you know that this is what where you want to be financially getting married and being in a relationship or whatever then you go for it but I also feel like if you know that you don’t mind if you know you you don’t matter going through hell and hustling and grinding with the person that you it then I say get married it really depends on you we obviously got married when we was shut up I was when I was 19 for easy I was 19 and of course we wouldn’t mine Angele stable but it’s working out so that’s my thing so I say do it when you ain’t get nothing because uh when you gotta you know with what you got something is easy to be means easy disease he’s always easy you always hated is not true but one may get from you this true because uh sorry guys how do you know if the person is the one oh I really don’t know how to answer that I really don’t know how to answer that question I feel like well Stephen to me when I met him he was just different and I know a lot of people say oh you’re different she’s different he’s different but I knew he was different when I invited him over my house we’re in high school and I invited him over my house actually I didn’t he’s saying what’s your doing what you’re doing um today it was Friday and I said oh no just probably chilling house he’s like I I’m gonna come over in we could do some homework right so of course in my head I’m like I mean I knew he wasn’t gonna try to like have sex with me but I know but when he got to my house later on that day Tim’s telling all of their own with a book bag he had books he sat down and when he got his books out and his paper I’m like what are you doing he’s like I’m about to do homework I said I was coming to something to homework and then I thought I was like so I from that then all I like knew he was different and then he just showed me he was different and I just I don’t know I’ve always had this connection in my heart that God put us together for a reason and so that’s just how I go out with a gift of spirituality and but I first went off the fact that I’m gonna use different oh I thought that was so cute like who Cole who 81 18 year old boy says I’m gonna come over and do homework like that was so hard to me but I never was a homework kind of girl never heal my homework so I really didn’t think that he was not going to go mark because who does homework what I mean in college I didn’t but whatever I still passed oh oh no exact answers you just know we know our next question is should you live together before you get married hey I somewhat agree I like 60% think in and then 40% think no let me see so if you give me a D mudalali annoyed to see only her baby Oh everywhere her makeup stuff oh so she’s gonna leave any story shaking I gotta you know y’all got in there to get it first so y’all can see how people leave cuz some people don’t live like the way you think they live from the way they look because it’s not gonna look like but I already like what you’re gonna get here you should I don’t know I do believe that you don’t a hundred percent no person until you’re married imean seen you live together but I’m glad that we need to get married and then I only moved in together because I know I just it just that’s the way I wanted to do but I do feel like a lot of people probably will be inverse okay why don’t relationships lads nowadays they don’t ask because they don’t want to do I mean they want to set up get me in days but I love Locker me if anywhere doesn’t work you so I feel like this Gil nest alone was whatever they do want you making out work and they know if they want to work or not they know if they’re gonna put forth the effort or whatever so you may work in it this don’t work yes I agree with that has your partner ever hurt you yeah I think every partner hurts their partner I feel like that’s a part of life and a part of love if your partner has never like hurt your feelings or I don’t know done something to make you cry or just anything that makes you not feel so comfortable or not feel happy then I don’t know what kind of partnership that is because I don’t know I felt like real love you’re going to get your feelings hurt sometimes and it’s okay to say that but it’s also okay to be like hey this really hurt my feelings or this really hurt me what you did this and I just really want to make it to where it doesn’t happen we can work through it whenever I feel like this I mean everybody’s gonna get hurt in a marriage of a relationship in any type of relationship you’re with your family with your friends everybody’s going to get hurt and like that doesn’t mean the person doesn’t love you what do you consider cheating don’t know kissing touch excessive talking what I consider cheating is anything doing something that makes your partner feel uncomfortable or yeah doing something that makes your partner feel uncomfortable if I feel uncomfortable with this then if I consider it cheating is cheating like it just depends on you and your person you you and your person have an agreement so where y’all could text other people then it’s not cheating its job grieving but my thing is no I don’t do the talking I don’t do the texting I don’t none of that thank you for watching this video subscribing like all of that um comment thank you guys for watching this video we will be doing a part three song for real this time thank y’all for watching see ya..

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