Q+A: Boob Job? Babies? Marriage? Advice? #Asksteph | Stephanie Ledda

Q+A: Boob Job? Babies? Marriage? Advice? #Asksteph | Stephanie Ledda

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hey guys so today I’m back with another video a little bit different than my typical makeup tutorial but I asked you guys what you wanted to see and a lot of you said you wanted to see more personal videos with more of my personality and so I thought it was a good idea to do an updated Q&A because I get a lot of the same questions all the time so I wanted to address and answer some of them so you guys can get to know me a little bit better and you know get the answers to your burning questions so I asked you guys on my Instagram for some questions gonna go through the most popular ones and the ones that I like best so yeah if you want to know a little bit more about me or if you had a question about me then I will probably answer it in this video I did want to start off by saying that I have done several q and A’s frequently asked questions videos in the past so if you are a longtime viewer loyal viewer or whatever then some of these questions are a little repetitive but I have a lot of new subscribers and if you haven’t seen those videos then you might not know the answer so I apologize if you’ve seen some of these questions before but they are some of the most asked ones so I wanted to answer them anyway so I think the most number one asked question on my recent videos and when I asked for questions for this video is did you get a boob job and finally here to talk about it because no I never denied it but yes I did and I didn’t do a video about it for two reasons and so the first reason being is I didn’t tell that many people in my personal life I think I told five people that I was getting it done or I had it done and I didn’t want anyone in my you know real life to be offended that I didn’t tell them personally and then just go on and talk about it so that’s one of the reasons but then I thought about I was like you know what people who know you like real life in person they know that you’re not one to just be like oh hey by the way um get my oops on Thursday so I’ll let you know because that’s not me that’s not my style of my personality that’s just not who I am so after that I was like you know what I don’t like care the second reason is I didn’t want to come on here and promote plastic surgery or make anyone feel like they needed to go out and get a procedure done because that is a very touchy touchy subject and the world that we currently live in everyone it has so many friggin opinions that are just crazy out of this world like nobody even wants to hear all these opinions I mean I blame social media but I can’t be mad at it because social media is what pays my bills but social media just makes everybody have an opinion and such an exaggerated opinion because nobody in the right mind would go up to someone on the stream be like hey you know what you’re a whore your boob job makes you a slut you should make out one that means you’re insecure bla bla bla bla bla so there’s so many opinions out there and I was just like I don’t want people to think that I’m saying that you need to get a boob job so that is the main two reasons why I didn’t talk about it am I going to do a full video on it chances are no I’m not going to just because um that’s probably just not something I see myself doing but why did I get one and my thoughts about the subject I got one because honestly I wanted to get one I am a grown up I’m 26 years old um I’ve thought about it for a long time it wasn’t just something I woke up one day and was like you know I’m gonna get one wasn’t like that it is something that I’ve thought about since I was a younger teenage girl like my best friend and I we would talk about it and you know what ten years later I was still thinking about it so I did my research if you’re thinking about getting a procedure done do your research I will put my doctor’s name in the description box but I’m not going to go into any further details other than that because if you’re truly interested in getting a procedure like this done a you know major surgery you will do your research and you will find what is best for you your body your Anatomy what’s going to work for you what’s not going to work I’m very happy with my decision I’m happy with how they look I think they’re very proportionate to my body and yeah so you know what case closed it is what it is yes I got one and that is why next so now that that big elephant is out of their room we’re going to move on to the next most popular question which is something I think I talked about my last question and answer video but people want to know what I plan on getting married what I plan on having kids how many kids I want to have yada yada yada all things like that so I definitely do want to get married someday I don’t have a specific time that I need to get married buy or want to get married buy when it feels right it’ll happen and you know that’s that I’ve been with my boyfriend for like two years we’ve known each other almost six years we live together and we have a good relationship and I’m very happy with that so um when we get married or engaged that’s just you know you know whatever’s in the cards it’ll happen that way but I’m not one of those people who’s like okay we’re gonna get engaged by the end of next year and then we’re gonna have a June wedding at the Plaza like as much as I love weddings like I’m not trying to rush or force anything next topic being children I have said this before but it’s not something that I’m like dying to happen to me like it’s not something that I particularly um would want so it’s my best friends have babies and I love them dearly I love being their Auntie by the more that I see that and more than I’m around that I’m just like you know I think I’m all set I think I think I’m sat with my dog I mean yeah I don’t really see myself having kids so that’s that so our settings are a little disappointing but I will say we are seriously thinking about bringing in addition to the family we’re thinking about getting Rosie is sibling a brother so that book I don’t need a baby I can just have a puppy and I’ll be so happy like I don’t need a baby I just really love dogs puppies and I think I’ll be else that with that so next question that I get the most questions about is your full time job is your real job did you go to college yes I went to college I have my bachelor’s degree in business with a marketing concentration I graduated from st. John Fisher College in Rochester New York is my full time job and I started doing while I was in college and I did a few jobs here and there but ultimately at the end of the day I wanted to dedicate everything to my and it wasn’t really necessary for me to go out and get another job I know other people think it’s so crazy that is a job and I’m with you it is so crazy that this is my job this is my you know bread and butter like it is so crazy and I’m so grateful and I’m just gonna you know write it out and as much as I can take as much advantage of it as I can and you know just enjoy the ride and I’m gonna keep doing it for as long as you guys want to watch me but I will say that does not offer a benefits package you do not gain retirement or health insurance so that is the downfall of having a channel honestly another question I got a lot what is your daily workout routine what is your diet like I work out about five days a week and I just recently finished the spring challenge with Katie Hearn I don’t know if you guys have heard of her she’s very popular on Instagram she’s like trainer and she comes out with these programs every season and um I did my first challenge with her and I loved her program so every day it’s a different workout for four weeks and then after the four weeks you repeat it off so one day is like a leg day one day is an arm day one day is a back day another arm day another leg day and then abs and cardio all mixed and there I do less cardio just because I’m a fairly small person and I’m trying to gain more muscle and when I do cardio it just makes me even skinnier which I you know I have some you know a little flab and stuff that I want to get rid of but I find that when I do cardio it kind of doesn’t help my muscle gains I guess ound like a total bro like trying to get games but you know I’m trying to get some games and ever since I started doing her program I really made it a priority to get the right amount of protein like you’re supposed to have a lot of protein and before I was really thinking about it compared to how I’m eating now like I was like not I was getting eating like half the amount of protein that you’re supposed to eat um and since I was working out you know five days a week I wasn’t seeing any changes it was because it wasn’t getting off protein so in the morning I’ll have like a protein shake I love the premier protein shakes they’re really good you can just get them at Walmart or for breakfast I’ll have oatmeal with protein powder mixed in or off some eggs snacks throughout the day I like to eat cheese I like to eat Greek yogurt I know all you vegans out there vegetarians are probably like coming at me with a pitchfork but I’m sorry this is my lifestyle hate it if you want but I’m just being honest with you that I love meat and cheese um sometimes I’ll have like tuna fish or a protein bar for lunch sometimes I’ll have a salad or I will have you know eggs or something like that again and then for dinner I usually make some kind of variation of chicken or shrimp and then I have vegetables with um you know sometimes I’ll have rice sometimes I’ll have pasta sometimes I won’t have either of those carbs so I eat stuff like that but honestly I will say that I do not deprive myself whatsoever I love sweets I love like chocolate so like chocolate sounds like that desserts not like a candy person but I love chocolates and I will say that every Thursday I have pizza and wings like it’s like a tradition we go to my boyfriend’s grandmother’s house on Thursdays and we pizza and wings and I do not feel bad about it at all you just kind of have to plan your day accordingly plan your you know meals out accordingly you know you’re going to be a pizza and wings for dinner then you know go easy on it earlier in the day like have a protein shake have a salad or something like that and then you know save it for later if you know you’re gonna have it later just have it later and then you won’t feel guilty about it but if you’re having Mc. Donald’s breakfast for breakfast and then you’re having pizza and wings for dinner like don’t do it just you know kind of moderation and I don’t feel bad I’m working now I drink lots of water and you know I’m not trying to be a bodybuilder but I do enjoy working out most of the time when it’s not cardio related another question that a few people asked me that I really just love the question is what advice would you give to a younger self I think somebody said a 16 year old version of yourself and I think that’s a great question because I know that there’s a lot of younger girls out there who do watch my videos or you don’t to be 16 but younger honestly I would tell myself stop being such a little brat and be nice to your parents like I was such a brat and like I had no reason to be so rude to my parents but I was like a typical teenager I thought I knew everything I thought I was so freaking cool I was not cool I mean I thought it was and whatever but that age you literally know nothing about life so you probably should listen to people who have lived much longer than you and have experienced so much more and just don’t be rude to people who care about you also put on the freakin tweezers because it is gross so luckily mine grew back but I just look back at pictures I’m like eh what are those little scraggly things you call eyebrows like what like so thick here and then nothing at the end it’s like ah goodness gracious um also I would tell myself that bronzer is not foundation I would just take my Bonnie Bell bronzer is literally just wipe it all over my face because I wanted to be tan um yeah I was very shimmery in bronze II in high school like I don’t know like I did not know anything about makeup until I started doing and even then I really didn’t know anything either I just kind of you know faked it until I made it I guess fake it till you make it one other thing uh if you’re in high school okay I will say this do not think that you are going to spend the rest of your life with your high school boyfriend and do not care if he is a jerk to you just break up with him and move on I know that some people end up with their high school sweethearts but now looking back at it when you’re like 1516 and you think oh my god I’m gonna marry this kid oh my goodness look back on your life when you’re like 25 26 and be like oh my goodness thank you or for not allowing that to continue because most high school boyfriends are very douchey even some college boyfriends very douchey so I mean don’t be heartbroken if it doesn’t work out with your highschool boyfriend I know some people are high school sweethearts and I live happily ever after but it does not happen for most people so don’t sweat it girls do not sweat it your first love is not usually your only love just saying oh I also didn’t want to say that when I work out I work out at home because I hate going to a gym more than anything like if I’m getting my car to drive somewhere I’m going to drive right past the gym because I don’t want to go there in that 20 minutes to the gym I just lose all motivation and we’ll go to Target in 10 favorite nail colors and how do you do your nails I get a ton of questions about this every single time have a new nail color but I will say that these are my real nails except for this one and this one because I broke them off the rest or all my real nails I get the SNS gel dip system it allows you to use your natural nails they don’t have to put the acrylics on there it’s basically just a dip powder I get coffin shape this color right here is matte just because I did not have them put the final top coat on it because I wanted to try matte and I love how it turned out this color is called cherry obsession which this does not look like cherries at all but whatever I didn’t come up with the name you don’t worry about them peeling because it’s just like a solid color like it is this color they’re very hard they make your nails grow so much better because they will not break or anything like that because they’re hard mine they only broke before because I dropped heavy dumbbell weights on them and that is what caused them to break it love these absolutely would recommend trying to get the gel dip if it is offered at a salon near you best and worst thing about being in relationship I think the best thing is that you just always have someone there to lean on they’ll give you support they will help you with whatever you’re dealing with they’ll make you feel better about things it’s someone to just always hang out with and someone who just makes you feel like you are important and cared about and someone who’s not like your family you know it’s just nice to have someone like who like understand you knows you in and out like that I think that’s the best thing the worst thing about relationship is honestly sometimes they can just get in your freakin nerves it’s so annoying that there’s someone out there who knows exactly what to do or say to push you off and that’s that but all in all I love being in relationship with my boyfriend and it’s great there are some negative things with the good hundred percent ways and you had to only shop at one store for the rest of your life what would it be this is the easiest question in the whole freaking world target boom we have food they have clothes they have shoes they had makeup they have pillows and all sorts of home decor they’ve got alcohol they’ll have wine but they have you know beer and stuff but yeah obviously Targa I spend most of my money at Target I just love it there pizza or pasta what kind of question is that that is like making someone choose between their children like oh do you want to keep Jimmy or Jackie um you can’t just pick one or the other you have to have both I’m sorry I cannot answer that question it’s just too crazy do you have a beauty fashion icon if so who is it and why honestly I absolutely love Shay Mitchell she is gorgeous she is classy she is freaking funny I love her style I love her just attitude and she is so freaking funny and snapchat when she does all of these like different characters like I’ve never seen one single episode of Pretty Little Liars but I just randomly started following her on snapchat one day because I think she’s gorgeous and ever since then just like oh my god I love her I want to be her then she was on the cover of Cosmo I’m just like she is just so gorgeous also she’s part Filipino so I just love her for that also because you know I am a little bit and um her makeup always looks so great and you know I just love her I think she’s like the total package what age did you buy your first house I bought my first house about a year and a half ago so I just turned 26 so a year and a half ago I was 24 and a half and yeah a lot of people asked about how store up things like that and how my house renovations are coming along my house is not completely done yet we are working on the downstairs this summer actually looking for a contractor to look take a look and give us an estimate but um you it’s coming along it’s it’s getting there and I didn’t want it show like everything until everything was complete but I don’t know I could probably do like a little vlog or something yeah I know vlog and never vlog and I can probably do a little vlog or something and you know just talk to you guys about some of the stuff that we have done so far if you guys would want to see something like that um but yeah we are coming along we got the kitchen done we got one of the bathrooms done um we got the living room done we still have one bathroom one bedroom and the lower level like the basement needs to be finished but it’s coming a lot which is a process and it’s stressful and I wouldn’t have bought a house that needed so much more but I live in an area where there’s not like new construction happening like most of the houses that are around here are older home so you pretty much have to renovate and yeah it’s just a long process what is your favorite alcoholic drink um as you guys probably know huge wine person I love wine I do not like sweet wine like no I’m not into Moscato or anything like that I love a good Pinot Grigio a good Prosecco like Prosecco is like my number one right now for summer it’s just like the most refreshing drink ever but it comes you know like it’s basically like champagne so when you open a bottle you basically have to drink the whole thing or you waste it so you got to drink the whole thing or split it with a friend or you know so now that I have a problem with doing so but that’s the only drawback to that another question I got a lot is where do you see yourself in the next couple years five years um I will say that I’m not a super goal oriented person I kind of just take things as they come I just want to be happy a healthy successful and yeah however that happens it happens I don’t have a specific goal it’s just not the kind of person I am have like a set goal I will say that within 10 years my boyfriend and I we’ve talked we talked about this all the time we want to have like a camp somewhere like on a lake like an Old Forge New York that’s something that we would like to have like a camp and a boat stuff like that so that’s a goal the materialistic goal but um it is a goal so that that’s one more specific one another question I got a lot is what is my favorite makeup brand and what brand what I love to collaborate with I don’t have an all time all time favorite branch because there’s certain things that I love more from different brands but honestly I would love to collaborate with Anastasia Beverly Hills because I think that their products are just so awesome I love the eyeshadow palettes I love the contour kit I love the eyebrow products I love the liquid lipsticks I could just go on I just love their products I think that they’re amazing so I do do really do do I really do love their brand but at the same time I also a lot to collaborate with like an affordable brand because you guys know I love to bring you affordable products so maybe if I could collaborate with a brand like L’Oreal or something like that that would be cool or even quite colour pop because they’re pretty affordable as well I don’t know I’m just I’m a bad question answer I just have a million answers to one wash all right someone just do one last question and somebody asked me this and I thought this is a cool question are you an introvert or extrovert would you consider yourself one or the other I would definitely consider myself an introvert I know that I’m on and it would seem like I would be an extrovert just because you know putting myself out there for you know millions or hundreds of thousands of people to see but I just am definitely introvert I don’t know I’m naturally just kind of like a more quiet person I’m not a loud person whatsoever I’m just kind of more reserved more private um and I do better in smaller groups of people when there’s a ton of people I just don’t even want to talk because I don’t wanna be the center attention of all these people I definitely do better and like smaller groups more intimate settings that’s what I’m about I would say like the Kourtney Kardashian like I’m kind of like monotone and just very chill not like super like I don’t show like a ton of emotion like in my life which is not really who I am and I just like to keep to myself really or keep into my small group one other question I literally get asked every single day is my hair color I get my hair color at a salon and they use the color for and I was using 3m but it was a little bit too harsh so I’m using 4n which is just a neutral dark dark dark brown and the brand they use at my salon is gold well so yeah that’s pretty much it nothing fancy I’m gonna wrap that up because this video is going to be super duper long and no one’s gonna want to click on it so yeah I hope you guys like this video got to know me a little bit better and I hope I answered the majority of your guys’s questions I try to do the most popular ones and that’s it I’ll see you guys soon don’t you mean about a boat a week hurry one earring Oh God but Roni would just go we find the aggravating me please don’t..

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Comment (12)

  1. I gained lots of respect for you! You are very smart and as a mom of 2 girls I really liked your answer specially about kids. I was a teen mom (19) I’m 34 now and my son is 15 and having kids it’s very special and all I love them to death but I do wish I would of waited. I want my kids to know better. About the boob job- I AGREE WITH YOU 100% very well handled. People are indeed very critical but only at the comfort of their homes behind a Phone. You go girl.

  2. Good for you Steph! I’m proud of you for being honest and just being yourself! And thank you for the comment about being nicer to your parents! You weren’t that bad but I love you for saying that!

  3. Children are a lot a lot a lot of work! You won’t be raising a cute baby, you gotta be ready to raise a good man, a good woman..a good adult, a good person in this world. Nothing wrong with not being ready, and definitely nothing wrong with never having them. It’s a big commitment that goes beyond the cute baby stage.

  4. I’m 58 and without children. I’m totally happy. I was married for 28 years and we both went in to marriage not wanting children. BUT, we did leave ourselves open to change our minds. We decided to give it a go after a few years, didn’t get pregnant, and it’s all good. Happy with my life. Be happy!

  5. It’s so sad how people have to defend themselves on not being vegan! Like leave us alone, I love cheese and I always will!

  6. I know you said you don’t want to make a video about your boob job, but please consider it! Yours look sooo natural compared to how most look when they first get them done!

  7. Seriously, why do people, especially women, feel the need to breed?? Like NOTHING is gonna happen if you don’t breed, nothing! You’re not gonna die! (in fact you have a MUCH higher chance of dying if you do have kids lol) it’s 2016, women don’t depends on men and don’t need to get married and pop out kids just to survive and have food in the stomach anymore! And especially as women, who actually WANTS to ruin their body and pop out huge basketballs from their vag?? Can you say OUCH??! Lol no thanks I’ll stick to kitties I just wanna travel the world with my love, learn and experience new things, adventures, then come home to my cats, built an empire and live good with my hubby. That’s the life! I’ll never understand breeders. The earth is already so overpopulated.

  8. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like wanting dogs instead of children is such a “trendy” thing now? Just me….okay

  9. WE have been married for 40years. we did not want kids and we are so glad we didn’t. life can be really good with out them!

  10. I HATE it when people ask about kids…..especially when it is women asking the question. Society is so hell bent on women reproducing that it makes us feel like that is our only duty in life. I am 40 with no kids and when people ask me that question they are left feeling stupid because I say “well I’ve been trying for 2 years and have had 3 miscarriages….so that’s why I don’t have kids”. People need to mind their business on the kids question.


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