Marriage Tips, How To Prevent Divorce.

Marriage Tips, How To Prevent Divorce.

How to prevent divorce episode 2, talks about those things that can destroy your marriage.

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hi friends statistics have shown that divorce is increasing daily what are the causes of these divorce what are the things that are destroying these marriages on daily basis in this video I’m going to share with you some of the things that can destroy your marriage remember to subscribe so as to be notified when the next video is uploaded successful marriage is hard work it takes a lot of hard work for a marriage to be successful in order to be successful in marriage you know you need to avoid this first thing I’m going to share with you and that is negative influence my friends most of us are negatively influenced by friends we hang around with friends we spend time with friends the time that we are ought to spend with our partners we are always with our friend do not bring what you discuss with your friends into your marriage otherwise you will destroy it within the typical of an eye you see your marriage destroyed if you should apply everything that you discuss with your friends so you need to know the limits you need to know when to say yes and when to say no to your friends you need to know when to be with your partner and spend quality time with her and when to be with your friends tip number 2 don’t you think that you are too close with your ex you see this can making your spouse your partner to be jealous he may pretend not to but I tell you the truth your partner is jealous so you need to limit the time you spend with your ex or you should totally avoider because and jealousy can bring problems here marriage a lot of problems that can cause havoc so to avoid that jealousy stop hanging out with your media ex no battery is finance you see it’s not really the of announce that causes the divorce but the lack of compatibility in the financial arena you want to be saving you’re a saver your partner mrs. spender you are angry the way your partner spends money your partner want to throw off bad Patty’s he want to hang out with friends and spend money so you need to sit down and reason together you need to sit down and strike a balance you need to know when and work to add the amount to spend how it should be spent and this can only be achieved when you sit down with your partner and reason together and number four is surprise no shared vision of success you don’t a family without vision goes no way and so inasmuch as vision is necessary you still need to sit with your partner and present your vision you need to let him understand where you want the family to go the direction you want your family to go what you want your family to achieve in order for him to be carried along in order for her to be carried along don’t just think that you know all I want to do everything in your own way you need to get it from his or her own understanding from her own viewpoint and then you can make it real it will be easy for both of you but if you have your own vision and you want to go about it with a curry and him or her along it will crush this will really affect your marriage and now number five is a question to you help around the house stop leaving all the laundry for your lip lady to labor over it’s not good it’s perfect you need to help out you need to be with her you need to you know always be there to do one thing or the other this will make a happy this will Amica enjoy your presence it’s not really the walk but when you are deal with her and you are helping one thing or the other no big communication and when there is communication there is law and so you need to share the responsibility the domestic responsibilities with her this will really make a film though one of the things that is really destroy marriages is lack of communication in managing communication is king you cannot avoid it you cannot do without it and so you need to have to admit to spend time with her you need to discuss return make a your friend one of the best way to choose a partner is to marry your friend the one that we can spend time happy with you don’t currently discuss fees the ones you can easily communicate with so communication is very very important is paramount in the marriage you need to communicate you need to give give her a call you need to send out a text you need to tell her thank you you need to shoot that law through communication is very very important you should know that marriage is hard work and so you need to put in enough time you need to work hard to make this marriage work it must work and if it must work you need to work hard work hard for it you need to be proud of your marriage work hard for it keep on pressing on on team you get it done until you see it going positively don’t stop and don’t stop and don’t stop I will sell all this you need to know this and is very important stop complaining stop complaining and look at it very critical look at it closely listen to her listen to him get it from his for her own point of view and you will see things working peacefully and very smooth subscribe to this channel and I tell you you will never regret subscribe because the next video that will be uploaded in very great and beautiful one don’t miss this video..

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