Marriage Advice – 7 Stages Of Marriage — Stage 4: Cooperation

Marriage Advice – 7 Stages Of Marriage — Stage 4: Cooperation

Marriage Advice – Now that you’ve seen the 7 STAGES OF MARRIAGE interview, discover which stage you’re in. This video explains Stage 4: Cooperation. Rita M. DeMaria & Sari Harrar –


what happens during the cooperation stage if you’ve gotten through some of the power struggles you’ve begun to understand that this is a team effort that we’re in this together we’re starting to feel really good about the fact that this is the person I’ve picked and that they’re a good partner and they’re a good team member we’re starting to feel like a we you know having some new sense of our own family with traditions and values are important to us so you see couples who are actually doing a lot of things it’s a doing time of life and the couples who are working well together they don’t forget to pick the kids up it’s not a source of conflict so you’ll see the dads showing up for the game on time and and being there for other kinds of events or mom and you know the parents really taking care of each other and helping each other out so you you can just see that kind of cooperation between parents in particular when they have kids that are school age all those busy activities often balanced with their own work careers other family commitments so there’s a lot of teamwork that’s going on and in this stage this is where you can also begin to see the couples who are really in good shape because they’re the ones who have managed to figure out date night or they’re getting away once in a while and you can just see that they touch each other and they have a closeness so they’re affectionate they’re touching you know they’re the kind of couples that you enjoy going out to dinner with because they can get along with each other and you can enjoy their company..

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