Marriage Advice

Marriage Advice

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Marriage Advice Ian Bagg

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you guys are fun let’s get out of here what’re you guys want to do want to go to Walmart and beat the shit at whoever’s in there as a group they’ll never see it coming you lead a short I’m looking for pants then we’ll just rush in and start punching the hell out of people like I you stay in the car cuz probably gonna get blamed on you no matter what that is bullshit type tell you know maybe a plan how long have you been black did you not know He. La I don’t know how long a black I’ll quit picking on you it’s been a lot of fun talk to you guys next are you a couple are you married are you gonna be like this couple and cry how long you been married 14 years nice I’ve been married for two if you need any advice come to me after the show tell you what I’ve learned so far women are dirtier when you date them than when you’re married to them say thank you a couple people laugh they know exactly what I’m talking about other people aren’t married is that true yeah it’s true soon as you put a ring on their fingers we’ve got no time to send pictures of the bing bong she got to contain ding got errands to run as soon as you put a ring on their finger I got no time got no time you know my wife sent me a picture out the other day peanut butter in the fridge with a note saying did you put the peanut butter in the fridge there is two of us that live together Lester Holt so if you cannot figure out who put the peanut butter in the fridge let me narrow it down for did you put the peanut butter in the fridge no cuz I put the peanut butter in the fridge that you put the peanut butter the fridge hey salt boom boom that’s right some of you know what that noise was a law and order case solved noise then my wife said this and I almost lost my mind peanut butter is harder to spread when it is in the fridge if you can’t spread peanut butter you might want to start lifting some weights cuz you are fucking pussy yes that is what I thought what I said was okay because I will talk a lot of shit up here tonight but it does not work at home I’ll tell you that much right now I tried once and now I have to walk the dog everyday and pick up its crap and that dogs a dick cuz I’m pretty sure he can count cuz he tries out shit how many bags I have with me every time come on Lu get it together nobody shit six times in a mile..

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