How To Get Your Ex Back-How To Stop My Divorce

How To Get Your Ex Back-How To Stop My Divorce


hey what’s that this is tee dubs axon with you again looking a little scraggly here I’m getting ready for a big big three day weekend and just thought I would do read you a couple more letters and I’m thinking about calling this to help b t dub kind of like the Dear Abby or I thought about their teeth by plenums be original on most of the questions that I get through email or in the letters is usually the subject is something to do with help me help me to something along those lines so let’s read a couple letters let’s read some good ones first I don’t want this to be about all bad news all the time this one he’s got a very original first name so I’m not gonna read his first name dish says I wanted to write and say thank you for the audiobook I bought it 24 hours ago I’ve been listening to it all day and it’s changed my outlook on my whole situation honestly at the time I was desperate for something to make me feel better and was convinced this was a scam I can tell you I have not even read the book because auto auto your material is fantastic each time I start to get down about things I listen to one of the chapters and I feel I couldn’t move on with my life that’s great letter he’s talking about the audiobook it’s a it’s an add on you get the text book and if you want the audio book you can get that as well that’s what he’s listening to let’s do another one here right quick this was really short it’s from Tommy his subject is hell yes there’s Twi got my wife and kids back I do not know how to tell you thank you please get back with me I got so much happiness in me you you help if you need my help I will tell everyone this is Tommy PS I tell my story to everyone Tommy that’s great and that’s why I’m doing this so let’s get on to a question from one of my customers and I’m hoping this will help you out okay this one is from Rob and Rob’s subject line says Bob but you strategy and guess what a load after two weeks my ex call me I hope I handled it well but I don’t know we had a nice light conversation for about 45 minutes likes will give her that she basically asked me how things were going and said she just called to see how I was how do I interpret this I’m now going to weigh another we can call her and ask her if she wants to meet is this the right strategy thanks Rob Rob this is kind of a common situation and kind of goes along with make people making some common mistakes and what happens is and don’t feel bad because it you know it’s normal to feel this way what happens is you start making some headway your ex starts to call you or they’re coming around because you’re you’re pulling now instead of pushing and they start coming towards you but then it goes into a you get too excited and I cut my name because I call it premature reconciliation as premature reconciliation so for example you were talking about in your letter you talked to her for 45 minutes that’s way way too long way too long when you get if they call and they catch you off guard you don’t catch the caller ID you always want to be friendly you say hey you know it’s great to hear from you I’m like so busy I don’t have a whole lot of time to talk you know maybe at some point we can get back together and chat and stuff but I don’t have a whole lot of time to talk right now and you really cut that conversation short and the same thing what happens a lot with a lot of folks is their ex will start to call and text message them again and do do a lot of texting and let me tell you see these two things right here I don’t know if I got this up here so you can see it or not these two things right here your two thumbs there’s a two body parts they can really destroy your chances of getting your ex back okay don’t text especially in that in that period where we were trying to work and attract them back don’t be using that text message at will this just destroy your chances what you want to do and what your attitude wants to be and again it’s not all about just what you say in the word it’s got to come from the inside the attitude but you want to be at a point where you’re saying hey you know I’ve taken some time for myself you know I agree with the break up and let’s just get some space and you know I love hearing from you it’s great to hear from you but let’s take some time and then we can talk okay does that make sense let me give you another example okay here’s a perfect example of what I’ve been calling the premature reconciliation and I don’t have the email in front of me but I remember it very well it’s all too common situation but this was from a customer and she got too excited she started to make some headway and make some progress and her boyfriend called her one night all sad and depressed and she wrote me and the reason she was writing me is all you know your system was really working for me and he called me one night and he was depressed and he said he missed me so I dropped everything and I ran over and I remember her exact words as I ran over there and I professed my undying love to him and I think and she didn’t come out and say this but I think they slept together that night because when she was writing it she said that he went cold the next day and basically said you know it was last night it was a mistake and we should stay broken up so on and so forth that’s why him by him saying that last night was a mistake I really think they stuck together so what should she have done what should she have said it would have went a lot better if she just said hey you know it’s so great to hear from you and gosh I’m sorry you went through such a tough time but you know at this point I’m just not ready to you know see you or do anything like that but hey won’t you give me a call in a week or two and maybe we can get together and go have some coffee or something you see that again way more way more pulling and he would have thought about her for a week or two and you know he would have been in his spots and mine rather than her going back over there and you know professing her undying love which is just not gonna work and she was a little upset with me because you know she said your system started to work but then they just went all you know hey haywire well and I just told her he’s a darlin we’re in the system as I say to run over there profess your undying love it really doesn’t say that anywhere in the system and she knew I was right we we email back and forth and I think that we did get her straightened around there but you want to really be careful that you don’t get too excited you know in the system there are very powerful techniques and methods for them to get them to call you and to start pursuing you but you have to be careful of the premature reconciliation so you know don’t talk to him for 45 minutes on the phone don’t let these two body parts ruin your chances there be cool be aloof let them chase you a little bit you always be a little bit hesitating you know they call you up you know that that two weeks that goes by if he calls her up and says hey you know you said to call you up in a couple weeks let’s go ahead of coffee always be a little unsure huh huh maybe yeah that kind of sounds good it when would you like to do it you know don’t just be rushing in there women are better at this than men are but you know you don’t get too excited don’t fall victim to premature reconciliation if you don’t have a copy of magic of making up I would just like to very gently nudge you to click the link underneath there and it really does work it’s not a scam and I’m very involved and trying to help folks get their exes back save families and save relationships great time T and stay tuned for the next edition of help me tidak thanks..

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    My ex came running back to me after 3 weeks. You just have to know what to say. Watch this video and learn >>


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