How To Be A Better Husband To My Wife- Marriage Advice

How To Be A Better Husband To My Wife- Marriage Advice

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what’s up guys it’s Owen hey are you stuck in a marriage where you guys are constantly fighting all the time and you want to make a change or maybe you’re in a marriage that’s good and you just want to kick it up a notch and step it up to the next level well in this video I’m going to share with you three fantastic husband techniques things that you can do to become a better husband and live a more thriving sexy marriage stay tuned welcome to the channel I’m so glad that you’re here and if you’re new to the community definitely leave a comment down below and say hello my wife and I Teresa deliver a couple cool videos every single week on marriage tips some different things that we’ve learned that we want to share with you to help you live a better marriage a marriage of intention and a marriage of purpose okay today’s video we’re talking about how to become a better husband and this is a broad term it’s a loaded term it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people and whether or not you’re the problem in your marriage is meaningless what this video is all about is teaching you a couple different skill sets a couple different techniques that will not only make you a better husband to your wife a better a better partner in your marriage but I think it’s also going to help you in other areas of your life as well dealing with your kids dealing with business people and make you a more well rounded man okay so let’s get into it point number one is learn your wife’s personality style okay now I can’t stress this enough we talked a lot on this channel about the disc profile right DIS see what that is is this is a behavioral chart it’s a personality chart that helps you to understand what your wife’s big motivating factors are what motivates her what especially hurts her what what drives her to become inward and to pull back from you and all these these different types of things there are four major personality styles d. i. s. c. o ur in this video here so you can check that out but you really need to take the time to learn your wife’s personality style for example addy is somebody who’s typically very blunt and straightforward and then although more men fall into this category plenty of women do too and and men if you’re like an S or a C if you’re a little bit more inward and timid I mean it’s really easy for your wife to kind of railroad you and and and feel like you’re not taking leadership in your marriage and so knowing what her personality style is if she’s a D is gonna help you to react to her in certain situations now an AI personality style is someone who’s a little bit more social right they’re gonna be energized by social activity a little bit more scatterbrained at times losing things and whatnot but always like the life of the party an S is someone who’s a little bit more soft hearted someone who gets energy from being alone and and again this you might wonder why your wife wants to spend time away from you or away from the family and and again that shouldn’t be insulting so much as it is just her person she’s getting energized right in in a lot of cases and then of course I see a conscientious person this is gonna be somebody who is more interested in data and analytics and maybe can be a little nerdy maybe a little bit too into the details which drives me nuts but again knowing your wife’s personality style and knowing what things really set her off is gonna put you in a position to a not do those things and beep when she does get set off you’ll know why she’s set off you know you’ll know what happened to trigger that emotion and what you can do to re energize her and get her back into the marriage and again this is a huge part of leadership most business owners entrepreneurs they know the disc personality profiles they have all their employees go through it so they can better deal with their employees and react to them and put them in environments where they’re gonna thrive so we’ve got some more information on that in the videos in the description box check those out highly recommend you learn your wife’s personality style immediately okay number two is learn your wife’s love language now a love language or love languages is a term that was coined by dr. Gary Chapman in his book the five love languages and he talks about how we react or we feel loved in five major ways he talks about words of affirmation he talks about gift giving and spending personal time again we’ve got a whole video on that right here and there’s five core love languages it’s very important that you learn your wife’s love language and you start to speak to her right in that language and that is gonna help you along with the personality profile too to create synergy with your wife and to be in a place where you know you know when she’s withdrawn from you or angry at you you know you know you might think well brings home some flowers but my wife doesn’t like flowers right she’s not into that kind of thing or maybe you know you think hey I’m gonna write my wife a poem but then you’re like do my wife’s not that into it when I’ve done that in the past she’s like not into that that might be great for you you might feel loved that way through a poem or through a gift like flowers or or a night out but your wife may not feel loved that way she might feel loved by acts of service right simple things like doing the dishes right could actually make her feel loved I remember the first time I discovered this about my wife I was actually this was coming we first married made our first year of marriage I was actually up to my ears like her car was disgusting and I just I couldn’t handle it anymore so I Saturday morning I woke up I went out to her car and I cleaned her car and I even scrubbed there was like resin there like rubber resin on the windows I even scrubbed those windows to pieces right maybe sparkling clean she came out to that car and she just was in tears was in tears and I had no idea I was I was just tired of the dirty car we went to a marriage conference a few months later and I learned that her love language was acts of service and it meant so much to her that I would get up and spend my own time to serve her in that way and it continues acts of service continues to be her love language so when were when were fighting and when were you know just tense with each other I think to myself you know how have I not served her my wife must feel unserved by me or unloved by me for some of you guys your wife her love language is gonna be words of affirmation it’s gonna be saying nice things her and so notice that if you guys are tense if you guys aren’t jiving then it might be that you haven’t told her verbally that you loved her that you think she’s beautiful right so learn your wife’s love language and then practice speaking it all the time it’s really hard for a lot of guys to do because we might disagree with her love language right some of us guys who have like a C and analytical personality style go words of affirmation stupid she knows I love her I shouldn’t have to say it but again you’re asking your wife to be like you and your wife’s not like you she’s in many cases the opposite of you and that’s why you guys fell in love you know you’ve got to speak to her in a language that she understands other otherwise you’re just you know kind of on this cycle where you know she doesn’t feel loved by you so she’s not loving on you and and you’re just kind of perpetuating that cycle finally number three and this is probably the most important thing so bring it in pull your notes back up you really need to pay attention to this one here as the husband as the leader of your home the spiritual leader the the romantic leader in your home you have got to learn when to lead and when to sacrifice okay if you guys have known anything about what we cover on this channel we believe strongly that your wives want you to lead and sometimes they won’t let you lead right they feel like you’ve let them down in the past and so they don’t want to get let down again so they they won’t let you lead or they want you to lead but they’re afraid you’ll make bad decisions so they leave for you right how many of you guys have experienced that let me know in the comments section you need to know when delete when it’s time to lead and when it’s time to sacrifice right in the New Testament Jesus said there is no greater love than this that he that laid down his life for his friends and Jesus often talked about sacrificing and and being the one that says no you go first or no you know you pick the restaurant or whatever the case might be okay so as a husband tensions often arise when you’re leading at a time when you should be sacrificing and you’re sacrificing at a time when you should be leading right and you’ve got to recognize when it’s time for you to put your foot down and take charge a good example is in dealing with perhaps a tense situation with a vendor maybe dealing with the teacher at school and and normally you would back off of that and say well honey you handle it you handle the kids stuff but saying no you know what like this this woman is taking advantage of our kid we’re gonna we’re gonna step I’m gonna go in there and talk to her but there might be other times like with the in our house it’s the finances right like my wife is great with money she’s great with Quick. Books and so you know I don’t try to for the first couple years I tried to leave that I tried to like pretend like I knew how that all worked and it caused stress our home because I was making poor financial decisions with my credit and and with with different purchases around the house letting sacrificing that and letting my wife lead in that area while I sacrifice has made our marriage better because she’s actually doing something she’s really good at and and that has helped us to have a better marriage where we’re both doing the things that were good at so I hope you guys found that helpful those three tips helped I hope that made sense if you have any questions talk to us in the comment section below become a part of the thriving sexy marriage community because as men we we want to love on our wives want to love on our kids we want to be better than our dads were for us and so I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below if you want to check out more videos we’ve got a ton more on the channel I hope you’ll hang out thanks for joining us today and I’ll see you in the next video..

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