How Do You Prevent Divorce When You’re From A Family With Many Divorces? Dr. Michele Weiner-Davis

How Do You Prevent Divorce When You’Re From A Family With Many Divorces? Dr. Michele Weiner-Davis

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you know one of the best ways to divorce proof your marriage is to not have the misconception that love sort of carries you through the hard times you know the truth is none of us is born knowing how to really be good as a partner in fact if you look at babies they’re pretty self centered the way we learn about relationships is by watching our parents and let’s face it lots of us haven’t had great role models but the good news is in the last decade maybe decade and a half we have learned an awful lot about what it takes to have a successful relationship these are skills that can be learned and there are lots of marriage education classes there are actually marriage therapist who teach couple skills in terms of how to communicate how to negotiate you know the research says that people who are in long term happy marriages are no more similar they’re not soul mates they don’t have similar values or backgrounds necessarily from people who actually end up divorcing but the one thing that is different in these couples who are in healthy long term marriages is they learn how to negotiate their differences if you’re looking for a good partner find someone who’s willing to have make a lifelong habit out of learning and that’s someone you’re probably going to end up with from there a long time..

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