How Do You Please Your Husband?

This is quite simple to do. You will be surprised.

But to understand the answer, we need first look at the basics.

Every marriage rests on 3 core pillars.




For most men the order of importance is sex->trust->children.

Men want sex first and most; only if the sex if good and frequent a man will start to build trust with his wife.

Once there is enough trust, children will follow.

Note: Sex will remain the most important bonding factor for a man for a very long time. If the sex if frequent many men will stay with their wife even if the woman cant have children and/or is not very trustworthy.

For most women the order of importance is trust->children->sex.

Frequently I hear that it is natural that the sex frequency goes down over time. And yes it is, later in life, once we are getting past mid 40s.

More often than not, people use this as excuses.

I know of couples who have sex 23 times a week, or ~10 times a month.

Every month; sometimes for more than 20 years.

With children. Plural.

They have sex like this during pregnancy and during breast feeding.

When the children are small. When the children are teens.

They do not accept excuses.

Sometime around mid to end 40s age will start to make an impact.

HRT may delay it by a couple of years but at some point the body might no longer be able keep pace.

THIS is when it becomes natural for the sex frequency to go down.

Around 2-3 times per month is then a baseline such high sex-drive couples can keep up well into their 60s or 70s.

Now to answer your question: “How do you please your husband?”

Keep an eye on the 3 core pillars and never allow one of them to collapse. The most important beeing the frequency and QUALITY of your sex life.

Quality does include your looks; how well you take care of your body and how you dress are all important parts of your sex-life. Sex with an attractive wife in a hot dress is much more pleasant.

When it comes to frequency, it depends on your husbands potential. A low sex drive man might be fine with once a week, while a high sex drive man might want sex 35 times a week.

Know your man and judge his abilities.

To be save it is better to stay a notch above his comfort zone to “keep his balls drained”.

This will not only please him, but also reduce his interest in other women.

This mechanic works for both him and yourself and will greatly improve the odds of a successful marriage.

Example: If your man is quite comfortable with sex twice a week, aim for 3 times to be sure.

Asking how to please your husband was an important step in the right direction. Way too many women (and men) think a lot about their own wants and needs and care little about what might please the other.

This never works out all too well in the long run, as the high number of single moms shows without any shadow of doubt.

Your idea on the other hand has worked for many generations in the past and will work well for you too.

This answer originally appeared on this Quora question on Marriage Advice.

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