How Can I Convince My Wife That I Am Always Right?

How can you be always right?

Your thougts seem to be the height of your male arrogance. When you try to convince your wife that you are always right, it makes her feel overlooked. She does not like it a all.

In fact, as a man you never know how to manage your family. It is your wife who is proficient in it.

She knows better than you about your children. She also knows better than you to manage money. She has more farsightedness about your family than you can ever imagine.

Try to manage your family for one week without the help of your wife. You will give up after a few hours. Yes! After a few hour!

Men never have the talent of multi tasking.

Now, do you see who should say “I am always right?”

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How To Always Win An Argument

by hook or crook, you can be right even when you’re wrong.

In this episode we analyze all the nasty ways to *seem* right to others even if you don’t have facts and logic on your side.

1. Postulate What Has To Be Proved

2. Choose Your Definitions

3. Persuade the Audience

IMPORTANT: this is not a political comment, nor is this a political channel… it just so happened that all the best examples of sophistry exists in politics. Just wanted to state that up front.

Arthur Schopenhauer – The Art of Being Right

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right off the bat let’s dispense with the whole objectivity thing no one’s always right objectively but you can use tricks and sofas tree when logic and facts on your side to always be right in an argument the whole goal here is to try to win it’s an intellectual war ergo all’s fair in love and arguments I think Sun Tzu said that once this is gonna be an abridged list of dirty little tricks taken from archers Schopenhauer’s book the art of being right the full book and audiobook is linked below I’ve just picked my favorites let’s get into it first postulate what has to be proved this is where you bring up a conclusion as if it were a premise it’s also known as begging the question here’s an example I began this campaign because I was so tired of seeing such foolish things happen to our country notice how he says the reason I began this campaign is because the country was doing so poorly he never proves how the country is doing poorly or why it’s doing poorly he states it as a matter of fact up front postulate what has to be proved this is a great way to sneak your point past the goal posts next choose your definitions this works best at the start of an argument if you want to control the conversation try to control the definitions what someone might call extremism another person might call passion what some call a right to assembly others might call disrespectful or disruptive here’s an example from a recent debate pay attention to how much time is spent framing the other person’s position and conversely how much the other one fights against this framing they both know that the words you use to define the other person’s position is everything he ran as a socialist an unalloyed socialist all ran as an independent observing independent the history of the United States power are you a socialist or not I am a Democratic Socialist a bloke’s but don’t Tom I didn’t run as a socialist I ran you told me you were socialist fine fine you did run as a right winger you ran as a Republican right I am happily episode I am frame the conversation your way no matter if you’re talking about gender or unemployment how you define it is everything number three persuade the audience not the opponent if you’re in front of an audience tactically it doesn’t matter if the person to your left or right agrees with you only the crowd this is pretty easy it’s the quip the one liner whatever gets the laugh the most important thing to remember here is the audience isn’t just there to see who objectively wins it’s a spectacle they want to laugh they want to see who looks more composed under the lights I have as much spirits in the Congress as Jack Kennedy did when he sought the presidency senator I served with Jack Kennedy I knew Jack Kennedy senator you’re no Jack Kennedy if you notice the opponent seems to wither after this mind but he really didn’t say much at all number four the Kafka trap this is a particularly rude trick frame and accusation such that the denial is only further evidence of guilt think the Red Scare or witch hunts when you accuse someone of something and they refuse it just say oh that’s what someone like that would say here’s an example from Monty Python if you deny it you did it that’s a Kafka trip five arguments ad hominem if all else fails you personal attacks are always a great diversion to get off a particular point you’re losing the examples here are endless I think we can have a rational political conversation about balancing rights and risks and rewards of all of these different policies but I don’t think that what we need to do is demonize people on the other side is as being unfeeling about that about what happened in yesterday you accuse me of spending on the grades the children that die that day I’ve seen you do it repeatedly curse like I say how dare you hire people illegally and entered a 1 million dollar judgment I got along with everybody you get along with nobody you don’t have one Republican you don’t have one Republican senator and you work with them every day of your life although you skipped a lot of time these are minor details but you don’t have one Republican senator backing you not one you don’t have the endorsement of one Republican senator and you work with these senator Cruz you should be ashamed of yourself notice how in both cases ad hominem was used to distract to deflect the underpinning question this technique is very effective and finally we come to number six the absurd proposition this is where you offer an extreme scenario where you equate things that aren’t equal at all but if you disguise it well enough and if your opponent can’t find where your arguments falling apart it can pressure them into agreeing with your point here’s another example a la South Park are you guys dub we can’t beat him even with all of us it’s a waste of time if you had a chance right now to go back in time and stop Hitler wouldn’t you do it I’m just gonna stop plague when Hitler rose to power there are a lot of people who just stop playing you know who those people were the French are you French glad no rouler vous coucher avec ma glad alright alright I’ll do it if your opponent doesn’t spot the trick this is a particularly effective tactic that’s everything I’m gonna give you scandals right now the full list is in Archer Schopenhauer’s book the secret is to disguise these within an argument so that people don’t know that you’re playing tricks but if you can do this well you’ll find yourself being right more often than you thought possible but even if you’re trying to be fair and honest in an argument knowing these is always helpful to keep the other guy honest knowing how people want to fight dirty is the best defense to fight clean but either way whether you’re running for office or in a late night argument please fallacy responsibly ..

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  1. Hack their social media accounts and change their profile picture to an anime avatar so their opinion doesn’t matter

  2. to clarify: I’m NOT encouraging the use of fallacies, or suggesting that truth doesn’t matter, I just wanted to make a video on tactics that, like it or not, occur all the time in arguments and debate.

    Enjoy, and if you have your own favorite fallacy or rhetorical trick that I didn’t cover, comment and tell me what it is!

  3. Socrates is dying a second time in Elysium.
    These are logical fallacies. Use them in a serious argument and you will bring no knowledge or good to humanity, for you are trying to win against the interlocutor, not to reach truth.


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