How Can A 36 Year Old Woman Enjoy Marriage With A 55 Year Old Man?

I am 30 and my husband is 54, we have been together for ten years and have two amazing boys 5 and 3mo. Only a few times has the generational gap been an issue and that was mostly at the beginning. My husband is an amazing father, great friend, and partner. I am happy and love him soo much.

Our interests, personalities, and values all transcend our age difference. What we don’t have in common balances the other (I like comedy and he likes drama). Sometimes I wish I could be nostalgic with him about childhood stuff, but it is nothing in the scheme of things. Plus that’s what friends are for (and 90s/00s kids videos on Facebook). He may not have grown up with the same stuff I did but he does take an interest and I’ve turned him on to some new things. Like this August we will be going to see the Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson concert. I’ll never get him to go to a hip-hop or EDM concert though. It’s ok I’m more rock and roll anyway.

The future is concerning, but it is with anyone I suppose. In regards to some people’s concern that they will end up being a nurse; don’t most couples have one person who is the caregiver in the twilight years together? At least I will be more physically capable when doing so. But yes, even in the best case scenario I will have less years with him than someone my own age and that sucks. Really really sucks. I wouldn’t trade 10 years with my husband for 80 with anyone else though.

Age doesn’t mean anything when real love and compatibility are involved. That’s my two cents on being married to a 54 year old, and how I enjoy it.

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50 Year Old Woman Marries 12 Year Old Boy!(Child Marriage Social Experiment)

We were in Times Square doing this Photoshoot for over 2 hours. Most people just stared and said nothing while others looked like they supported the child marriage.

If you prefer to read:

sup guys I’m Colby person two years ago I made a video to raise awareness on child marriage where we had a 65 year old man marrying a 12 year old girl in the middle of Times Square and the reactions were insane while researching this issue I was shocked to find it’s not just young girls being married off at a young age in fact the young boys are being married off more than you would think and there’s no attention being brought to these child grooms so today we wanted to see the reaction of a 50 year old woman marrying a 12 year old boy in the middle of Times Square this is what happened I get that lady see which great great big smiles big smiles all righty here we go a little bit of smiley from the groom it’s a big day today there we go real smile oh shoot great rage as well we’re gonna have one where you’re holding holding his hand like this great perfect he’s 12 I have permission from his parents disgusting on so many levels where do you expect the cross government here we go perfect so we’re gonna the broom sit over here the groom on this side actually because the rings on this icon that you hopefully big smile all righty thanks Mary yeah let’s got married he’s 12 I’m 50/50 no married parents were okay with that thank you oh you’re the man bro yo yo I had a question for you guys why were you guys so happy to see that that child marriage going on the kids losing his whole childhood over this do you think that’s cool you have a sister anything like how old is she 12 what would you think if she was getting married like an older guy of like a six year old guy or her sister right now we don’t do that first underaged pop music Oh sue great hope you guys enjoyed that video if you’re from my family go right now I’m doing a major following spree follow my Instagram like and comment on the last picture and I’ll give you a follow back go right now at copy person and we’ll see you guys next week with a new video peace..

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  1. 50y.o. female marrying 12y.o. male with parents’ consent and nobody bats an eye,

    65y.o. male marrying 12y.o. female with parents’ consent and everyone loses their minds.

    Gender equality at it’s finest.


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