G&G Ginga’s Marriages Advice!

G&G Ginga’S Marriages Advice!

Nothing like a little marriage advice & history from Ginga!


yeah can you say miss thing there’s a lady who has a radio show her name is Miss thang Miss Anne the thing like thing but thang fan thing go fan just say hi to her hello how are you she’s very pretty hi okay sorry not a whole lot of marriage advice miss thing but we send our best we’ll have to ask grandma later Thank You Ginga go back to your pie boss back to one man yeah I know she she stayed married for 58 years right right she might have some better advice what do you think you think grandma might have some better advice I needed to do you by but it wouldn’t have helped oh you wouldn’t have listened huh you wouldn’t have listened to the advice mom that’s right well at least you know a a bunch of people want to know how you ended up with four husbands do you know how that I’m the first one how old were you when you got married the first time do you remember I would have been 27 I think I was 187 and I turned 27 and he was that al instead of home and wouldn’t have any money on him after payday where he spent it all and get all drunk no boy those I put up with that for about the you know huh I’m six months are not divorcing hmm aging change mm hmm gotcha how long before you got married again do you remember did you wait a couple years or go buy the year about a year then you got married again Sam Cody oh okay and I had some years no you did he’s an alcoholic oh boy he’d get drunk huh and then he didn’t help me with my baby oh get sick and I’d be holding a vaporizer well he was all drunk snoring a sound sleep so I put up with that for I guess 10 years 10 years that was a long time that’s a long time yeah then a marriage and that was a nice phone he was a nice man yeah drink or anything but I don’t know why it married me for when he was in love with her mother blue Terrell girl oh okay like divorced him and about so the neighbor you there are two eaters I don’t remember huh then I didn’t wait too long and I married Andrew uh huh you’re married to him a long time and I was married to him for ten years but he died when he was 52 I thought you were married I have a feeling I would have eventually divorced him in time I think God’s he was a drunk I thought you were married to him for 18 years 17 years oh yeah that’s what I thought you’re right you said 10 but I thought it was a long time yes 17 years that was the end of my love affair that was yeah that’s all gotcha all right you got any marriage advice not to marry anybody’s and drinks and then oh that’s a good I think yeah yeah but I think it’s too late..

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  1. hello I’m sorry to bother you with this but I was wondering if you could maybe make a video asking gramma and ginga about world war 2! there are very few people left who were old enough to remember that time and I would really love to hear it!

  2. Ginga married four times!! Hell I got to get cracking…..I’m still on my first marriage of 24 years Ginga is my rock star.

  3. Ginga, I just hope you know what an inspiration you are to me and so many other women! The fact that you got out of those bad marriages, especially during a time when women didn’t have many options, really speaks volumes about your character and strength! This is why you are so loved! You did the right thing so don’t feel bad. They missed out on a very special woman and you’ve survived them all!! Keep shining Ginga

  4. Poor lady got tied up with drunks, don’t know what I was thinking either. I’m being smart, staying away from drinkers, still single and loving it. Great advice!!

  5. Wish I had heard that 28 years ago…I too married an alcoholic but waited 22 years to leave….your memory is amazing….I love you ladies…your pie looked yummy..

  6. Poor Ginga, breaks my heart she went through so many bad marriages when she deserves the best Glad it didnt steal her great sense of humor and sweet spirit Much Love to Gramma and Ginga

  7. Lord! Sweet Ginga is braver than I am! I’m on husband #1 for 36yrs and HOLY BALLS! I sure wouldn’t have another one, let alone 3 or 4. Hahahahaha! Take care sweet ladies!! Sending love to you all!

  8. I remember Gramma telling Steve that all Ginga’s husbands were all alcoholics. I think Ginga was probably just a hopeless romantic that’s all and hoped the love would change them…. But men aren’t shit! Lol

  9. I’ve never clicked on anything faster! Gramma and Ginga are amazing women. I love hearing them cuss but I also love hearing their personal stories. I feel bad for Ginga. She definitely deserved better men in her life, because she is such a sweet lady. :). Even though she had men like that in her life, she still has a certain zest for life. She still sees the brightness of a new day. I love Gramma and Ginga! Sometimes when I am having a bad day, I watch G&G’s videos to remember that sometimes we don’t have to take life so seriously, even if life knocks us down sometimes. <3

  10. Sweet Ginga…that is the best advice for any relationship. Alcohol and drugs are definitely the downfall of many relationships. We miss you Grandma…& look forward to seeing you in the next video.

  11. I love how she sat in deep thought reminiscing about her husbands. I could’ve gone for a little bit more of her stories.


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