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Will You Share Some Experiences On Arranged Marriage Meetings?

I have had some horrid experiences in this whole arranged marriage set up. Most of the times, I realised guys and girls just do not know what to say or ask a guy or a girl. Guy no 1 – I guess he so did not want to get married. His parents had come down […]

What Was The Most Surprising Thing You Learned In Your First Year Of Marriage?

That marriage takes work and commitment. That marriage is not for the immature of those who think it is all a bed of roses and the first time hard times come along they are ready to bail. That good marriages result in waking up every day wanting to make the the person happy in every […]

My Wife Is Attracted To Yogi Adityanath And Wants To Leave Me What Should I Do?

First of all, I would like to thank you for making me laugh. I don’t believe whatever you are saying is true. But If you are truly saying then I would like to give you some suggestions. Why your wife is getting attracted towards Yogi? This question should be asked to yourself. Do you lack […]

What Are The Top Things That A New Couple Should Focus On Early In Their Marriage?

Sex is definitely important. BUT that’s not all. As someone who’s been happily married for 6 years there’s 5 major things I recommend: Communication – the sex is going to be there already if you just got married. But communication takes plenty of time and work. Guys want to fix problems. Women want to tell […]

As A Divorce Lawyer What Do You Wish Couples Knew Before They Went Through With The Wedding?

Day time friends and night time lovers. It’s more than a song, it’s a good life style choice stay friends with your spouse during the day and be lovers at night. If you want to make love to your wife at night, start in the morning. Things change respect each other and be willing to […]

Did You Choose To Save Yourself For Marriage Do You Regret It?

Yes. No. Yes, with God’s help – and encouragement, support, and wisdom from my parents (and peers, and mentors, and friends!) – I saved myself for marriage. No, I don’t regret it. Not for one instant. As a friend once said when someone was encouraging them to date and sleep around – “I can have […]

When You Had Children What Adjustments Did You Have To Make In Your Marriage?

Having children is an awesome experience full of joy and challenges. Every aspect of your marriage will be affected by it, every routine that you established before it will have to change: weekends, vacations, sex and time alone, dating and hanging out with friends, work and exercise. The best advice that we were given when […]

Why Is My Wife Leaving Me?

Today’s comedy question answered: Why is my wife leaving me? This gets today’s Crazy Quora Question Award congratulations, you’re the winner! Do you really believe that anybody on a website with 200 million visitors a month can answer a question like this – with absolutely zero details??? There’s only one person in the entire world […]

What Are Some Things You Do On A Daily Basis To Keep Your Marriage Strong?

My wife and I love to cook together. When we’re finally done with work, picking our oldest up from school, making both children their dinner, tucking them in, we almost always find ourselves in the kitchen together making food. We’re both foodies. Some of our most enjoyable and dare I say thrilling moments have come […]

How Did You Stay Married During Difficult Times In The Marriage?

We had issues from the very start of our relationship – our honeymoon. Our intimate relationship was a constant problem. It’s origin was in both our childhood homes. We both experienced Childhood Emotional Neglect and therefor our trust-relationships with others were affected. I understood this and wanted to get marriage counselling but my husband refused […]